Woodys Grand Master Silver Studs 1.45 48/Pk Gmp-1450-48

Woody’s has introduced a line-up of traction control products specifically for snowmobiles that have lightweight single ply tracks.  Woody’s Grand Master® studs have a larger head to help prevent the studs from coming off the thinner softer track.  These studs have a 1.200” head, 5/16” shank, and have a sharp 60° carbide tip. As shown, Western Power Sports has added studs for machines that have either 1” or 1.25” tracks in several different package quantities.  We also have studding templates and backing plates specifically for the Grand Master®.  All single ply stud packages include studs and nuts. 504 packs come with 5 prepackaged 84 packs and 7-12 packs.

Price: 103.26