Woodys Slim Jim Dooly 8 Carbide Sa8-9975

The Dooly™ runner will help decrease darting of your sled as it makes its own groove in the trail. The tucked front end will ensure stability. In addition, the TWO 7/16” Flat-Top® runners are available in 4”or 6” of 60° turning carbide to accommodate all types of trail riders. Each Dooly™ runner is packaged individually


The design of this runner is specifically for riders who love the reduced darting feature of Woody’s original Dooly™ and also want a more performance enhanced product when cornering. Woody’s® Slim Jim® is more responsive in the corners and comes in at a whopping 31% lighter than our original Dooly™. Available with 6” or 8” of 60° turning carbide.

  •     Sold each, must order 1 for each ski

Price: 78.02